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Youth Programs

Teens and young adults, ages 12-18, who have experienced living with either a parent or sibling who suffers from substance or alcohol abuse face a range of academic, social, and emotional challenges.  GRACED Inc.’s youth and teen-centered, core programming offers valuable support and opportunities for this at-risk population.


Peer Recovery Coaching

Embraces each individual who has been affected by a loved one’s addiction on a one-on-one basis in a non-clinical, peer-based manner.  Our certified Recovery Coaches not only meet each constituent where they are in their healing process but also embrace them with empathy and help them to set goals to see past their current situation. Our objective is to help the youth to focus on their personal goals and to connect them with the necessary resources to bring fruition to their future plans while also celebrating their personal successes.

Life Skills Program

Promotes positive youth development by impacting youth with proven effectivity in reducing both recreational and prescription drug use and alcohol abuse and other negative life hang-ups. Our evidence-based curriculum focuses on behavioral change through life skills by practice, education, and guidance. During participation, each youth is impacted by improvements in mental health, self-esteem, personal self-management, and general social skills while also fortifying their drug resistance abilities.

Healing Circle

Healing Circle provides each person an opportunity to speak and listen to one another with liberty in an atmosphere of safety and, as a result, to release the heavy burden of the low vibrational thoughts and emotions that they are toiling with. The intention is set prior to every session to afford each participant emotional support to navigate past traumas.

Very Impressive Person (VIP) Monthly Lunch

Presents a positive, successful individual who shares insight on their career with the purpose of inspiring each youth to rise above their adversity and to dream big. Our goal is to present professionals who have had similar plights in life as our constituents.  However, each VIP will achieve our ultimate goal of providing a positive life experience and encourage each participant to aspire big goals for their future.

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