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Liability Waiver and Release Form

Please complete the secure Liability Waiver and Release Form. Applicants will receive email notification when the application has been successfully submitted.

Programs Behavior Expectations

GRACED, Inc.’s programs offer youth participants the opportunity to develop new skills, strengthen interpersonal skills, explore interests and build confidence in a safe environment. We strive to guide each youth program participant through the process of acquiring new skills and help them achieve goals within their chosen activities. Goals can range from meeting new friends, being part of a team, achieving a high-level of self-mastery, nonviolent conflict resolution, garnering their emotions, and improving self-esteem while fortifying their drug resistance abilities for example.


Greater Ascension Community and Economic Development, Inc. (“GRACED, Inc.”) will provide you with periodic updates about your child’s participation in our programs and activities. We strive to communicate effectively about our programs through our website, newsletters, posted signs about upcoming events, emails, and communication during drop off/pick up. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Program Director.

Email Address On File

Be sure to maintain an accurate email address on file with GRACED, Inc.


Parent Input

If you have serious concerns about any GRACED, Inc. program, please contact Program Director directly. You may also call us at 919-817-4480 or email a confidential report to

Parent Visits

Parents who wish to visit during a program activity should schedule a visit with the Program Director. All visitors and guests must check-in with Program Director and be escorted at all times.

Written Notes

Parents should write an email ( in instances of:

  • Early pickup

  • Pickup by someone other than those designated as emergency contacts with pickup authorization provided by Parent

  • Medication needs (See Medicine Procedures)

  • Modified activities, extra help or additional support for your child (See Special Circumstances)

Character Development

GRACED, Inc. believes in reinforcing good behavior and teaching our youth participants the importance of our four character traits: respect, responsibility, caring, and honesty. We recognize good character in our programs and activities by pointing out youth participants who display these traits throughout with incentive programs, i.e. gift cards or sponsored products.

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